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oh fxck 14 feb. i'm buying myself a hershey's ferrero & maybe some m&m then i wil sleeping with my romance novels while my favourite band plays on the background

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26 November 2013 | 0 comments
assalamualaikum & hai, as u know tmr is a special day for someone who i love the most but he's no longer mine anymore but yah, im just wish him. i just want to let him know........ nothing, nah i tipu!  i just want to say that i miss u. i really miss u, i meant it Ok :-) tmr is ur special day ait so what do u wish for ur 18th birthday? a car maybe? a new good-girlf? nah, whatever. before its too late, i want to say that happy birthday sayang :-) yah  eh im not suppoesed to call u "sayang" but i tak terbiasa, im sorry if u dont love it, well i know ur birthday is tmr but im too excited for ur birthday bcs, setiap kali birthday u im the first one who will wish ur birthday but now im no longer yours s its a sad for me but im ok. semoga awak dimurahkan rezeki dan dipanjangkan umur, semoga awak aan jumpa someone yang lebih baik dari saya, awak tak cari saya pun. mana awak pergi? hmm takpelah :') its not my business anymore & i should not be busybody ait. again, im sorry. 

sempena birthday u, i nak confess something. something yang i pendamkan selama ni. sebenarnya, i sayang u sgt sgt. i dont want to let u go & being with someone else but u forced me to do this. u said its for my happiness in the future, do u remember that u said that before? im crying, idk what should i do, idk where i belong that day. u make me down, & idk whether i should still waiting for u or not. rn, i really miss u, i wasep u tak reply u pergi mana syg. u tak rindu i? cs i miss u alot,alot. nah, just forget abt it. apa sara merepek kan :-))

idk what i've to say to u anymore. its awkward when we're not being together anymore & now we're just friends. like seriously? hahaha. but nah, im ok. happy birthday love, enjoy ur day :-)

selamat hari jadi sayang, 

                                                                                 lots of love, sara.